Lyndon Peters was born and raised in Plantation Florida where boxing, swimming and drag racing became some of Lyndon’s favorite past time activities. Lyndon’s initial interest in fashion spawned through his participation in the DECA Program (Distributive Education Clubs Of America) a program focused on preparing emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in Fashion Marketing,Finance,Hospitality and Management. During Lyndon’s involvement in DECA he was encouraged to participate as a Fashion Model for the Fashion Marketing program’s Special Events Department. It was during this time that Lyndon realized that he may just have a special gift of wooing the crowds with his unique look and Model-Esque stature. Lyndon’s exotic features stem from a combination of his West Indian parents and African grandparents. Lyndon is actively working in the San Francisco and Miami Market as a professional Model. Recent projects include 2015 Apple Watch Hand Model campaign, Wells Fargo College Ads, and TRX national campaign.